Larchfield Estate Premier Photoshoot Location and Filming Site Near Belfast

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Larchfield Estate: Premier Photo Shoot Location and Filming Site Near Belfast

Discover Larchfield Estate, the ultimate photo shoot location and filming site near Belfast, Northern Ireland. Located just 20 minutes from the capital city, our 400-acre estate offers diverse landscapes and settings for TV, film, advertising, and photographic projects.

As one of Northern Ireland's premier locations, Larchfield Estate provides versatile backdrops for both period and contemporary productions, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a unique photo shoot or filming site in Northern Ireland.

Larchfield Estate Film Location Marcella
Film Location Marcella Larchfield Estate Co Down Photoshoot Location

A Premium Filming Site in Northern Ireland

Larchfield Estate has been the backdrop for many iconic filming scenes, including the Manor House featured in 'Marcella' and the 'French' Stables seen in 'World on Fire.'

From the interiors of our grand Georgian mansion to expansive fields, lakes, and ancient woodlands, alongside private tarmacked roads to rustic dirt tracks, our private estate provides versatile backdrops suitable for various genres of film and photoshoot styles.

Why Choose Larchfield Estate as Your Filming Site Near Belfast?

When choosing a filming location, versatility, convenience, and experience are paramount. Larchfield Estate, located just a stone's throw from Belfast and the M1, stands out as an exemplary choice for both small and large-scale productions. Here’s why;

Unmatched Logistics and Accessibility

Larchfield Estate's strategic location near Belfast ensures easy access for production teams travelling from different parts. The estate is not only close to major transportation routes but also offers extensive on-site parking capable of accommodating everything from tech vans and catering trucks to large crew vehicles. This, coupled with securely gated entrances, ensures privacy and ease of operations, allowing your production to run smoothly without external disruptions.

Comprehensive On-Site Accommodations

Larchfield Estate goes beyond merely providing a filming location by offering on-site accommodations for cast and crew. This convenience is enhanced with versatile spaces that can be converted for various uses, such as classrooms for child actors, ensuring that every member of your team has their needs conveniently met.

Extensive Experience with Film and Photo Productions

With a history of hosting numerous feature films, TV dramas, and branded photography shoots, the team at Larchfield Estate is well-versed in the specific needs of film crews and photographers. Their experienced staff can handle the unique demands of production teams, making them a reliable partner in facilitating a smooth shooting process.

Versatility of Scenes and Settings

One of Larchfield Estate's standout features is its variety of scenic backgrounds. From Georgian opulence to rustic charm and the natural beauty of its landscapes, the estate offers multiple filming locations within a single, secure environment. This diversity allows for easy scene changes without the hassle of relocating, saving time and reducing logistical costs.

Ample Space for Diverse Production Needs

Whether your project involves large-scale set construction or more intimate shoots, Larchfield Estate provides ample space to accommodate all aspects of production. This flexibility ensures that creative visions can be fully realised, no matter the scale or complexity.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The privacy offered by Larchfield Estate's secure, gated confines is ideal for productions requiring confidentiality and minimal outside interference. This makes it an excellent choice for sensitive or high-profile projects.

Unique Props and Authentic Settings

Larchfield Estate also houses a collection of unique props and settings, including a French Army Truck and original household props from various eras. Authentic period furnishings add to the estate’s charm, providing a range of options for period-specific shoots or those seeking a touch of authenticity.

Filming Location Near Belfast Larchfield Estate Gardens Marcella

Choosing Larchfield Estate as your filming site near Belfast offers more than just a location...

it provides a comprehensive support system for your production needs. With its combination of logistical convenience, versatile settings, and a team experienced in dealing with the demands of film and photography productions, Larchfield Estate ensures that your project is not only feasible but poised for success.

Photo Shoot Location in Northern Ireland

Larchfield Estate is a sought-after brand photo shoot venue for luxury companies. We have hosted stunning photo shoots for Kentucky Horsewear, a high-end equestrian attire brand, through to state-of-the-art wireless headsets for sports personnel - showcasing our versatility for fashion and lifestyle photography.

Our estate provides the perfect backdrop for:

  • Fashion campaigns
  • Luxury product launches
  • Lifestyle magazine spreads
  • Corporate branding initiatives

Larchfield Estate offers an unparalleled photo shoot location and filming site near Belfast. With our Georgian mansion, diverse outdoor areas, and experienced team, we provide the perfect backdrop for your next production.

Kentucky Horsewear Photoshoot Location Larchfield Estate Northern Ireland
Larchfield Estate Film Photoshoot Location Belfast Northern Ireland

Photo Shoot Locations and Filming Sites on Larchfield Estate

Larchfield Estate stands as a premium destination of architectural beauty and natural landscapes, making it an ideal choice for a range of visual projects. Here are some onsite locations you can take advantage of.

Georgian Mansion for Filming

The crown jewel of Larchfield Estate is its Georgian mansion, designed by the renowned architect Lanyon. The mansion features silk-adorned walls, period furnishings, and an array of original features that offer an authentic historical ambience.

A notable highlight is the wing extension sections of which have remained unchanged for over a century, alongside the authentic basement kitchens reminiscent of those seen in "Downton Abbey." With 30,000 square feet of space, Larchfield House provides a rich variety of scenes under one roof.

Modern Homes and an Art Deco Cottage

In addition to the historical mansion, the estate also includes a series of modern to art-deco interior designed cottages, each providing distinct backdrops from different eras and adding a touch of elegance and period-specific charm.

NI Outdoor Film Location

The estate's vast outdoor space encompasses 275 acres within secure gated walls, totalling over 400 acres of natural landscapes. This includes serene lakes, ancient woodlands, ornamental walled gardens, undulating fields, and private driveways. Each of these settings offers a picturesque backdrop for films and photoshoots, providing filmmakers and photographers with a canvas of natural beauty and varied terrain.

Stone Barns

Further enriching the estate’s variety of locations are the traditional stone barns set amongst charming cobbled courtyards. These facilities range from old stables to a converted barn, which is frequently used for private events. Each structure presents a unique aesthetic, ideal for capturing both rustic charm and historical essence, providing additional versatile photo and film opportunities.

"Larchfield Estate is a treasure trove of visual opportunities, blending historical elegance with natural beauty across a sprawling landscape. Whether for film directors seeking the perfect period setting or photographers needing a variety of picturesque backdrops, Larchfield offers a plethora of options that cater to creative needs."

Luxury Commercial Photoshoot Location Belfast Co Down Filming Sustainable

How to Book Larchfield Estate?

Interested in using Larchfield Estate for your next project? Our experienced team is ready to assist you in planning your shoot or production. We offer:

● Custom site tours

● Detailed location breakdowns

● Flexible booking options for projects of all sizes

Contact us today to explore how Larchfield Estate can bring your vision to life: Email:

By choosing Larchfield Estate as your photo shoot location or filming site near Belfast, you're not just selecting a venue - you're partnering with a dedicated team committed to making your creative vision a reality in one of Northern Ireland's most versatile and beautiful settings which also has the added benefit of being carbon neutral.

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