The Story of Myrtle

Sep 07 2017

Wanting a get-away? Featuring all the best bits of camping but not wanting to part with all the comforts of home? Meet Myrtle; our newest Larchfield addition and luxury glamping experience. Myrtle started off as an ordinary yet exciting 1952 Swiss army truck which has transitioned into an eye-catching, spacious and quirky sleeping area for two with an inviting deck and outdoor seating area, and a wow-factor barrel tow-along sauna.

Exterior view of Larchfield Estate's Glamping Truck

Why did we create Myrtle?

We originally had an old French army truck on the estate as a fun way of transporting corporate parties from A to B and to give a memorable experience to our visitors... And it got us thinking! Sarah kept saying that it would be fantastic to put a bed in the big green truck and to take the children camping in the woods. This idea sparked the crave to create an innovative project which would result in a phenomenal glamping experience for its visitors. We always embrace challenges!

Gavin and Sarah Mackie during planning of Myrtle

Myrtle’s design story

Gavin knew that there needed to be quite a bit of floor space if a double bed was to fit into Myrtle, and he found what he was looking for in County Meath where the seller had an impressive shed full of ex-military vehicles such as story-telling tanks and personnel carriers. We were determined that Myrtle would have her own toilet facilities as we did not want any guests to venture through vegetation to find a mid-night bathroom break. In our searches, we came across TimberIN in Lithuania. TimberIN had a barrel wood sauna with a stunning, crystal clear full glass window which was soon purchased as Gavin’s head began redesigning it to include a doorstep-away toilet and shower facility. TimberIN were a delight to work with as they delivered promptly and as specified to our green isle. We built the fire-wood sauna on a mobile trailer which meant we could move it to multiple sites around the estate in the future.

Gavin and Sarah Mackie during the planning process of Myrtle the Glamping Truck

Little bits and bobs of Myrtle…

Throughout the process of achieving Myrtle, we had superb input from Mary Lou Design who always comes across our projects with a fresh eye, armed with fabulous concepts. The reclaimed timber wood bed was made onsite and Lucinda from Michael Webb Textiles was cheerfully helpful when sewing up the new canvas interior which we meshed with insulation to original canvas. Myrtle is kitted out with a hobbit stove from Salamander Stoves and we managed to get the toasty stove through the French doors without disturbing the original canvas. The bathroom and sauna adjoins to the dark green truck via a crisp new decking area which is ideal to sit out on in the evening, watching the sun-set whilst wrapped up in your fluffy dressing gowns and sipping on a delicious beverage. We adore adding to experiences, and so a Bluetooth Auna gramophone is included. Tap your foot along to your own tunes under either the star light, or the original Swiss Army trucks lighting, dim them if you wish! To complete the look, there is a chandelier dripping with gleam and glamour… you civvies are glamping after all!

Vintage interior of Myrtle

Thank you

We would like to thank each person who contributed their magic into making Myrtle an attraction of excellence to remember. We are sure Myrtle could tell many stories of what she has seen and experienced in her previous life, but now she has had a second chance to make more memories, and we hope they include you!

Book now...

Myrtle will be open to reservations until the 1st October this year, and will open her doors again in the warmer months from the beginning of March 2018. You can book online or email

Myrtle interior