Sarah & Kevin's Larchfield Wedding Story

Aug 01 2019

We love keeping in touch with our couples here at Larchfield Estate, and it is always an extra special pleasure to welcome them back!

Sarah and Kevin Doran have returned to stay in our cottages a couple of times now since their wedding in October 2016, most recently for an overnight stay in Rose Cottage to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. It was wonderful to catch up with Sarah and Kevin, chatting to them about their story – everything from how they met, their most memorable date, the proposal, to wedding planning, and top tips to other couples ahead of their own big day!

Sarah and Kevin met through work a few years back, and after a sneaky kiss one evening, they soon became inseparable. Working in the hospitality industry themselves, finding time to spend together was often difficult, and it was a little while before their first date – which also remains one of their most memorable. A romantic dinner at Holohan’s at the Barge Belfast, a place which remains dear to the couple, and they often return for a quiet evening together.

After a year together, it became clear that the couple were very much meant to be together, and in Kevin’s own words ‘when you know it’s time, you know it’s time!’, and he planned a surprise proposal during a family getaway to cottages in Newcastle Co. Down. He had Sarah’s mum, dad and sister in on the plans, helping to coordinate and organise so that everything went smoothly!

‘I had pictures from our year together all in frames, we had them from the front door with a post it note with an arrow on it directing Sarah around the house… when she got to the final photograph it was faced down on the kitchen table and there was no photograph in it – so that empty frame was for our engagement photo or our wedding photo… Sarah turned around and I had the ring…’, Sarah comically asked ‘are you not going to get down on one knee!?’. Of course, he obliged and popped the question! The newly betrothed couple took some time together to look back through the photographs, before heading back to join the rest of the family, celebrating with champagne, board games and pizza (sounds like our perfect way to celebrate!).

With both having experience in the hospitality industry, Sarah and Kevin embarked upon their wedding planning with clear ideas in mind of what they did, and what they didn’t want for their day. An intimate day with their own personal touches was key – and with only one wedding per day at Larchfield Estate this is something we truly believe in, with a focus on each individual couple. We hope you enjoy the short video below, with Sarah & Kevin chatting more about their Larchfield journey…

We had plenty of laughs recording this video with Sarah and Kevin, and a few tears at one particular moment… Keep an eye out for Kevin’s absolute golden top tip! A huuuge thank you goes to the Dorans for taking the time to chat, and we hope you had a wonderful trip down memory lane staying at Larchfield Estate again.

Here’s to many happy and fun filled years together, and many more photographs!