Outdoor ceremonies at Larchfield - new garden furniture for the summer season

Apr 29 2016

We've invested in some new garden furniture for outdoor ceremonies at Larchfield - ready for lots of sunny (fingers crossed!) days over the 2016 wedding season...

Ceremony in the Sunken Garden at Larchfield - April 2016

We previously used our Chivari chairs for ceremonies in the garden, which we'd then move indoors for dinner. With the new garden furniture this will help us on those more changeable days (of which we have many!) - if there comes a quick shower shortly before the ceremony starts which passes to leave clear skies, we can potentially still go ahead with the outdoor ceremony after a quick dry down of the seats. This wasn't always possible with the soft seats of the Chivari chairs - any rain and they would be relocated in to the indoor ceremony space.

New garden chairs for the 2016 season

The new wooden chairs are shower proof - great for those unexpected showers

We're delighted with the new addition to our collection of furniture, we think the new chairs really look the part for a lovely outdoor ceremony - looking forward to using them lots over the summer season!