Natasha & Philip's Wedding Ceremony & Reception - 1st April 2013

Apr 02 2013

Natasha & Philip’s Easter Monday Wedding

Natasha and Philip were married here on Easter Monday 1st April (yes April Fool’s Day). They were both very keen to have their ceremony in the gardens but after all the snow we had the past week (and most of it still lying on the ground) a call was made to move the ceremony indoors (much to the delight we’re sure of the wedding guests). The heaters were switched on a few hours before guests where due to arrive so the room was lovely and toasty.

Slight change of tactics with Natasha's decorating plans as she had wanted us to hang a few colourful parasol's from the lean-to opposite the Stables, but what with the lean-to coming down the weekend before due to the weight of the snow, Sarah came up with the bright idea of hanging them in the greenhouse instead - and they really did look great as I'm sure you'll agree from the below photo...

The guests moved through to the Stables for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast, both provided by Janes Kitchen. Philip provided an i-pod for some background music which went down well with the guests until the band arrived just after 8pm. Philip had a song in mind that he wanted them to do the 1st dance to – Natasha had other ideas and instead choose another song but had a large poster printed (as a surprise to Philip) with the wording of the song he had wanted to do the 1st dance to. Family stayed overnight in our onsite accommodation. Flowers by David Lamont and decoration by Blue Moon.

We wish them an amazing married life together!