Discover Larchfield Estate: Your Family-Run Carbon Negative Venue

Jul 02 2024

We don’t aim to be carbon zero in 2030 – we are already one of the very few companies in the UK and Island of Ireland to be Carbon Negative.

At Larchfield Estate, the amount of carbon produced by hosting an event or enjoying an overnight stay is automatically offset on site making this Co. Down destination venue one of the very few companies across the UK able to claim that we are not only ‘carbon zero’, but more impressively ‘carbon negative’!

Welcome to Larchfield Estate: Where Sustainability Meets Elegance 

Welcome to Larchfield Estate, where every celebration is both unforgettable and eco-friendly. As a family-run business, we blend sustainability into every aspect of our operations, ensuring your special moments positively impact the planet. From our beautiful heritage venue to our self-catering cottages and intricate event planning, we prioritize sustainability in all that we do.

Preserving Heritage: Our Ancient Buildings

Part of our journey includes conserving our ancient buildings to maintain their charm for future generations. By preserving these historic structures, we honour the past while creating a sustainable future.

Our Sustainable Mindset

At Larchfield Estate, our commitment to being a carbon-negative venue means we sequester more carbon than we produce, contributing to a healthier planet for everyone. We continually evaluate and innovate to reduce our carbon footprint, striving for minimal environmental impact at every event while creating memorable overnight stays, personalized events, and meaningful memories.

Gavin & Sarah Mackie by the private home at Larchfield Estate

Current Sustainable Initiatives

Here are some of the ways we're working towards a more sustainable future:

  • Sustainable Supplies: We prioritize working with suppliers who share our sustainability values and use compostable packaging to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • Recycling: We recycle glass, plastics, and cardboard after events, ensuring waste is minimized.
  • Food Waste Reduction: We encourage clients to pre-order their menus, reducing waste and ensuring fresh, delicious meals.
  • Tree Planting: We plant hundreds of trees annually to promote carbon sequestration and enhance biodiversity.
  • Homegrown Produce: Our gardens feature a variety of fruit trees and native plants, producing our own apple juice and honey thanks to our bees.
  • Local Suppliers: We work with a superb network of local suppliers, from caterers to florists, Activity providers to musicians and just about everyone in between. Nearly 2 decades of experience mean we have a large black book and the events team are on hand to help with any requests clients may have.
  • Energy Transformation: We've replaced diesel generators with wood-burners to use wood from our own forests, closing the loop on our electricity output.
  • Efficient Heating & Lighting: Sensor lights and electronically controlled heating have significantly reduced our energy consumption while providing immediate comfort for guests.
  • Special Breeds and Conservation: We are dedicated to conserving special breeds and maintaining an Irish Honeybee conservation area.
  • We are proud signatories of the BITC Climate Action Pledge and have reduced our Scope 1 emissions by over 70% since 2015

The Old Piggery at Larchfield Estate

Looking Towards the Future

Our vision for the future includes:

  • Redeveloping Farm Sheds: We plan to transform old farm sheds into self-storage units, preserving their original charm while revitalizing unused structures.
  • Crop Rotation & Tree Planting: We prioritize long-term soil health through crop rotation and tree planting, promoting native species and preventing disease.
  • Solar Power: Plans are underway to install additional solar panels on our sheds, producing enough electricity to power several households throughout the day.
  • Sustainable Events: We aim to raise awareness and promote positive steps towards sustainability through various events.


Join Us in Our Mission 

Join us in our mission to make the world a greener place, one event at a time! By choosing Larchfield Estate, you support a family-run, carbon-negative venue committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Book your next event with us and be a part of our journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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