Bridal Hair with Sheena from Andrew Mulvenna Salon

Oct 16 2019

This month we are delighted to welcome Sheena Otterson as this month's guest blogger! Sheena is Style Director and In-House Educator at the highly esteemed Andrew Mulvenna Salon in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Starting her career with Andrew Mulvenna 14 years ago as an apprentice, she is an expert in cutting, colouring and styling, and has worked at some of the most prestigious fashion events including London Fashion Week and Belfast Fashion Week. We can't think of anyone better to offer amazing advice for our brides for styling and pre-wedding hair prep! 

‘I have been hairdressing with Andrew Mulvenna for over 15 years, so I’d say I did my first bridal hair about 13 years ago. I have always had a passion for up-styling, and to be a part of someone’s special day is always the ultimate compliment.

I have met a lot of brides over the years and I’d say they come to me with a few different attitudes. You have the brides who are super organised, have everything planned to a tee, know exactly what they want, and you are just there to do your job. You get the super relaxed brides, who may appear sixth months beforehand for a trial and you see them again on the day. And finally, you have your long-term clients you been through it all with... all their relationships to the perfect relationship, the engagement, all the way up until the big day. No matter which bride you are, my advice is always the same… The dress comes first, while the hair, accessories and make up are there to compliment the overall look.

Image provided by Sheena Otterson

With the joys of Pinterest, finding a picture of what you like is never hard, but regardless of which style you go for it must suit you and your face shape. Bridal hair is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, it’s exactly what you’ll see when your photographs come back. Hollywood glamour is always massive in a bridal look, and this can be achieved with perfect red-carpet style or you can soften this look with a less structured curl. A low bun style I doubt will ever go away, but this again can be done in a perfectly sleek version or in a very soft and almost messy version. If you consider putting your hair or just an accessory to one side, be aware that your chosen side might be the one pictured the most. Always focus on how the front of your hair is styled, ensuring that it frames your face, as again this will be what you will see in the photographs, and it is exactly what will make you feel comfortable or not.

When it comes to getting your hair beautiful for the big day, taking good care of it is always a must so listen to your hairdresser when they recommend those treatments and good home haircare - it is not just a gimmick! We as hairdressers will obviously do our best to create the perfect look, but without a good base there’s only so much we can do. Colours should be done at least a week before (darker hair can be done the week of the wedding but I always feel blondes need at least a week to settle). On the second last colour appointment I always ask clients if they love their colour one, two or zero washes after, and from that decision they will know when to book in. Trials can be done at any time, but I would prefer a final decision to be made at least a month before. It’s always fun to coincide your hair trial with a night out or a dress fitting - so try to make the most of it!

Image Provided by Sheena Otterson

Having been through the process myself, my advice is to enjoy the run up, don’t stress over the little things. It will all come together in the end, and always remember your hairdresser will always be the calmest person in the room on the morning of your big day, so trust them!’

Sheena Otterson

Andrew Mulvenna Salon