Amazing Discovery at Larchfield Estate

Mar 05 2013

What an amazing discovery - we have been given some of the original sketches for Rhododendron and tree plantings at Larchfield – planted long before the estate thought of hosting weddings and events. The challenge for us now is to decipher some of the writing (dating from 1872!) and to see if we can re-source and plant some more of the same – we love a bit of history. It is astounding the scale of planting in the 1800’s – something that can be enjoyed by us all today and what makes Larchfield so special and unique. Imagine getting all these plants over to Northern Ireland at that time – most apparently came in from a nursery in Surrey and others were sourced from around the world. The sketch below is of the Rhododendrons on the way down to the Stables, or turning left into the paddock area – many of these still survive today. We hope you enjoy them all the more now when you are at an event at Larchfield Estate.