8 Helpful Tips for Planning your Special Day

May 05 2017

Tips are invaluable pieces of advice which can come in handy during the most significant times of your life... we have compiled some helpful tips on planning your wedding day which we have learnt along the way from our past happy couples...

1) Be present in each moment – take your time and enjoy it, you’re getting married after all! We understand that it can become an overwhelming process and too many married-to-be couples are stressed out… try remembering that worrying does nothing... the little things that you might notice such as variety on your sweet table, or what might be missing from your bathroom hamper, other people will most definitely not pick up on, and so try not to stress, this is completely your day.

2) Don’t focus on perfection – be yourself, you are already somebodies perfect and it is your unique day, so whether you are classic or creative with décor… always own and love your day!

Meaningful centrepieces in Larchfield Barn

3) Make a Do’s and Don’t’s list – what do you want for your wedding day? What type of feel do you want your day to have in terms of venue style, food desires, guest numbers, do you want an outdoor or indoor ceremony? Are you having an ‘adult only’ wedding party, or will you have some playful children running about needing a creche service? Alternatively, you could provide games or a break out room for the youngest guests.

4) Mother Nature’s voice – weather is a popular subject of consideration for all weddings, but we all know that it is unstoppable and unpredictable! It could be wise to choose a venue that can offer a Plan A of having a ceremony/drinks reception outside, and a Plan B to have an indoor gathering option… just in case! Themed umbrellas or sunglasses are quirky props which can be used in either occasion…

Create a unique outdoor ceremony in Larchfield Estate's Sunken Garden

5) Immerse in organisation – are you a person who loves colour coding? Or are you more of a ‘can’t find my car keys again’ individual? Spreadsheets are a great idea for either of you! In terms of monetary requirements, attendance numbers joining you on the day, and even the number of flowers per table you are having, spread sheets can keep record of it all… A wedding email, file on your computer or a good old file block can keep all your information together! Never worry about being unorganised, your ‘unorganised’ could be someone else’s ‘organised’, don’t panic and enjoy the ride.

6) Get a grip on your guests – what is your approximate number of guests? You need to know this before securing a venue, or at least know the maximum amount your venue can hold. Are you having an intimate day or a large celebration? Consider the space for tables, busy waiters, jolly band, bustling dancefloor, cake table and any other props you have… all of this needs to fit into your wedding haven… You could start your invite list by prioritising, immediate family, best friends, extended family, colleagues…

Alternative use of the cake tree in Larchfield Barn

7) Talk to your support system – all your suppliers and the staff of your venue of choice are a support system for you, if you are unsure of anything, please do contact them, they are there to help you and make every step of your wedding journey a breeze through giving you a friendly hand in achieving your vision.

8) Make it a delight – create the process which works best for you, surround yourself with people who you love, suppliers you trust, a venue with an enchanting lasting impression and have fun planning!

Remember that all of your planning will pay off!