100% of survey respondents would recommend Larchfield

Jan 15 2015

Over the past year we’ve been asking for feedback from all the lovely couples who have booked their wedding at Larchfield – we’re always keen to find out how we’re doing, and ask for complete honesty (whether it’s good or bad!). We’ve been so grateful for the feedback we’ve received, and it’s helping us going forward to continually keep improving the service we provide here at Larchfield. We’ve ran 3 surveys, getting feedback from both weddings and corporate events. The good news is that 100% of respondents would recommend us – so huge thank you for this!!

Gorgeous thank you card from the lovely Gemma and Chris who got married at Larchfield back in April 2014

We thought we’d share a selection of the survey comments with you – perhaps if you’re considering choosing Larchfield for your event some feedback from past clients might be the reassurance that you need when deciding on the perfect venue.

Comments from past clients....

‘Our wedding day was literally better than I could ever have imagined. All our guests were blown away by the beauty and originality of Larchfield Estate. It was exactly how I pictured my wedding day, style and party! Our guests still say it was the best wedding they've been to!’

‘What really impressed us about Larchfield was the professional attitude of your team - prompt responses to emails, useful information and advice. We always got the impression that the whole team actually cared about our wedding which was a lovely touch because after comparing our experience with friends who had their weddings elsewhere, this quality really is unique!’

‘I know Jenny loved the whole day and it meant so much to know that their happy day was not being shared with someone else trying to have their own happy day. That is the great advantage of Larchfield’

‘The fact that I could have a smaller venue - but be part of a much bigger space (outside gardens & courtyards). Larchfield could do all of these - and as we found out later - so much more!’

‘It is definitely at the higher end of venues in Northern Ireland but it was worth every penny. I think the fact that Sarah and Gavin keep investing in the estate really makes a difference. The accommodation was brilliant and very worthwhile. The little changes from the bar, toilets and most recent still to come (marquee) keep the venue looking at its best and change it slightly from one year to the next. Putting so much back and listening to how people would improve the site shows how much the owners care for their business and their guests - it’s lovely. It is something that separated Larchfield from some other venues we looked it.’

‘Since our wedding 3 months ago, I have spoken to 3 colleagues who are currently engaged, they are pharmacists and had looked into Larchfield as a potential venue but the venue hire cost put them off. However from our experience that we have shared, the cost of our wedding with you was the same as an upper-end hotel venue therefore we believe the misconception of high overall wedding cost is your greatest obstacle. ‘

‘It was priced very competitively compared with other options’

‘Loads included in the price - great value for money. We were able to build everything from the ground up. Very bespoke experience! Larchfield is a gorgeous canvas. Loved the exclusivity. Love. Love. LOVED it!’

‘The venue and the gardens are so beautiful and the hidden lake at the back all made the day that little more special. Not even the snow could hide it's beauty :)’

‘We would most definitely recommend Larchfield because we think the grounds must look absolutely beautiful in every season. It is situated near Belfast and although it is only a short distance from the city, it feels like it is far away in the heart of the country.’

‘Each time we visited, we were greeted with a welcoming smile.’

‘The whole venue was set up exactly as I had imagined it. Thanks very much.’

‘Everyone that we dealt with at Larchfield was very friendly. Thanks for all your help and support. The Larchfield team were superb from start to finish, always replying to my emails I felt no job was too big or small that they wouldn’t have been willing to help me. There is nothing I felt they could improve on, just keep up the good work!’

72.3% of respondents said we represented good or excellent value for money with an additional 23.9% saying the price was fair.

Thanks to all those who provided this feedback for us, your words really are invaluable to us!!